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Why MinvestGrup?


It is essential to create a strong and empathetic relationship to follow the same path.


Emotions are essential for financial decision-making, something we take into account with our clients.


Make a plan and make the best decisions to finally achieve your financial goals.

4 questions to start making your money profitable

The 4 Ps of money

Answer the 4 questions and we’ll be able to start advising you to make your money profitable according to your goals.

Why do I want money?

What do I want money for?

For whom do I want money?

By when do I want money?

We are close to you.

We guide you in a personalized way.

Individuals and Families

With experience and financial knowledge

Investment fund portfolios

Direct portfolios of fixed income and variable income

Specialized and thematic portfolios

Applying Artificial Intelligence technology

Family Office, EAF (Asset Management Company), Financial Institutions

Applying artificial intelligence technology

Specialized and thematic portfolios

Creation of a portfolio balancing return - risk

Currency and financial markets hedging

Complex products: ETFs, Structured products

Tax Advisors, Consultancies

Applying artificial intelligence technology

Collaboration with own clients to…

Plan their financial future

Make better financial decisions

Improve economic results

Financial Coaching

We achieve the goals together. We guide you to find your financial path.
We focus on individuals aiming to become aware of what they can do.

Individuals and families

Individuals and families

Effectively control your family wealth. Manage generational change in time.


Determine which areas generate the most income and act accordingly. Manage your business finances.


 Our collaboration focuses on opening up new ways of growth and optimization of resources.

Talk with our experts

We focus on individuals with the goal of making them aware of what they can do.