Financial advice for Individuals and Families

A well-established financial goal is essential to safeguarding your future and that of your loved ones.
relación de confianza con tu asesor

A relationship of Trust

Financial advice is more than just numbers. It’s about having a genuine connection between you and your advisor, to successfully grow and preserve your savings, and to feel secure about your future.

The advisor will help you to:

Create a realistic financial strategic plan.

Achieve step-by-step your goals.

Learn to manage your finances.

Increase your income.

Financial Education

As we were educated in mathematics, languages, sciences, etc., no one educated us about money and its environment. Money is neither good nor bad; it’s important to understand how it moves in relation to who we are and how we feel.

The advisor will help you to:

To understand your relationship with money.

Follow a plan and achieve your goals.

Manage in advance.

Increase or preserve your income.

educació financera
Aprender a crar una cartera de inversión

Learn to create an investment portfolio

It’s very important to combine the concepts of financial economy and emotional economy. Once aligned, we’ll be able to create that investment portfolio.

The advisor will help you to:

Attain a position of strength.

Manage your future.

Make better financial decisions.

Increase your income.

Wealth Planning

Wealth planning is more than having a plan; it’s about having the right plan for you. This is achieved with a true understanding of your entire life beyond your finances. As your needs become more complex, individualized advice and a long-term relationship become even more important.

The advisor will help you to:

Implement a strategic plan centered on you and your family
Manage your future
Make appropriate financial decisions
Increase and preserve your income

Thinking about retirement

Retirement today has nothing to do with what we knew from previous generations. Life expectancy is increasingly longer, many choose to remain in the workforce, and others contemplate a more active lifestyle oriented toward leisure.

As we live longer, we also need to consider rising costs, so we’ll need our money to last, not just for a few years, but possibly for decades. MinvestGrup has the experience and resources to help you plan for all these aspects.

The advisor will help you to:

Consider the life you want to live
Quality medical care
Prioritize needs

Preserve your savings