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Collaborate with Us. Expand your portfolio and maximize your return with a strategic partnership.

We work with various Financial Institutions and EAFs advising investment vehicles such as Investment Funds, SICAVs.

Some of these entities are advised using quantitative investment methods based on the specialization they have sought within our group.

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Why collaborate with us?

At Minvestgrup, we specialize in offering personalized investment solutions and advice for large assets. Join us to transform your financial strategy.

Our collaboration focuses on:

Open new avenues of growth

Optimize resources

Guarantee an approach that fits the financial objectives

Expand market opportunities

Our exclusives services for members

We offer a range of services specifically designed for our collaborators. Our focus is to provide comprehensive advice that adapts to the unique needs of each partner, ensuring maximum efficiency and wealth growth.

Your advisor will help you:

Detailed market analysis

Investment management

Tax Optimization

Portfolio diversification strategies

develop a strategic finance plan
Col.laboració socis Minvestgrup

How our collaboration works

Our collaborative process begins with a detailed assessment of your needs and goals.

Our develop a strategic plan that includes:

Free initial consultation to understand your expectations.

Analysis and investment proposal based on your current situation and goals.

Implementation of strategies with continuous monitoring and adjustments as needed.

Regular reports to review performance and make improvements


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How do we work?

We work mainly with institutions, consultancies and private clients who have assets from €100,000 and are interested in improving their investment and asset management strategies.

We comply with all applicable financial regulations and use investment strategies based on deep risk analysis to ensure the protection and growth of your capital by applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

Each investment plan is designed after a thorough assessment of the objectives and circumstances of each client, ensuring fully personalized and optimized solutions.

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